Interactive Brief

Thank you for your interest in our offer. The answers to the issues contained in the brief will help us gain valuable information about your company and better understand the objectives of the project.

The answer to these questions is not required and without any problems, you can skip any points that are not relevant to the project. The information you get will be helpful to create our individual offer.



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Type of project:
Please specify the type or types of project, in which your project to include:

 Corporate www Information page (landing page) Information portal Shop Online Dedicated system (CMS, CRM) Mobile Application Advertising campaign Corporate Identity / Graphic Design ( leaflets, posters, business cards, banners,...) SEO Audit, SEO and AdWords campaigns

1. Information about the company.
Name, basic information about the company, description of the activities of your company. Market position, description of products or services. Industry, other relevant information.

2. Competition.
Please description of the competition, suggestions of good practice in the industry and so on.

3. The existing situation. (fill optional)
Please describe current activities related to the project, eg. Current advertising or eg. To date your experience with the current project.

4. Customers - a target group.
Please describe the characteristics of your customers and target group for the project or campaign.

5. The project - the nature and description of the project or campaign.
Please give as precise as possible a description and nature of the graphic design and functionality for the project or campaign, your expectations and the scope of work and planned functionality.

6. Type Campaign. (for campaigns)
Please provide the information that the advertising campaign are you interested in? (including the campaign online, print, television, outdoor).

7. Campaign goals to achieve. (for campaigns)
Please provide the information that the objectives (marketing, branding, sales or other) you want to achieve through this project.

8. Budget.
If available, please provide budget [gross] dedicated to the project. As a result, we will be able to offer you the best and tailor-made solutions.

9. Schedule.
Please enter here the key dates such as the planned date of commencement of work, the start of the project.

10. Contact person.
Please provide contact details of the person responsible for the project.